Debt Elimination Programs  (Getting Free of Interest Debt)

This Debt Program is designed for Families, Single Individuals,  Graduation College Students as well as Business Owners and Non-Profits Organization like Churches.                                                   

This is an amazing program that has multiple applications and can be designed to most every in getting out of your debt in 9 years or less for Families this would include the Home Mortgage.  There are just a few things I need to gather first to show you how this system can work for you to be debt free. I am a licensed and Registered Representative for “Your Family Bank.”   If you are tired of trying to get ahead of your debts, You are not alone.  Your Family Bank and assisted 1000’s to be Debt Free.  They now have money to save for retirement buy new Properties, take vacations and live a better life without the financial burden on their shoulders. So if you have a desire to be Debt Free or want to see how this amazing program can work for you just call me for an appointment today.                                              

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For Families

For Business-Owners

For Property Owners Mortgages


Your Family Bank is also good for Business Owners, Churches, and Multiple Property Owners.

Case Study #1 – Multiple Property Owner

This client had a total of 7 Mortgages. He was paying market interest if 3.9 to 5.1 % on them. Paying this debt off  would  take him some 31 years to pay off all  of this Mortgage Debt. I  was able to work  with him,  gathered the loan details and interest information, we  then submitted it for analysis. Once submitted we were able to provide him with a detailed time line to being debt free with Your Family Bank Program. We were able to get him set up to be out of debt in less than 9 years and it gets better  our program was able to save him approximately $ 546,500 dollars in the process.

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Pickett Insurance & Financial Insurance is a Registered and Licensed Representative of “Your Family Bank” These Financial programs and concepts are the sole Property of Your Family Bank.

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