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Come tax time what is the one thing you want to know ? Are there any more applicable tax deductions I can take to reduce my taxes?! I can present these programs to your CPA ! They will love you for it! Pickett Insurance has multiple programs available. If you’re an  Individual, Sole Proprietor, LLC,  S-Corp or C-Corp I have a program to fit your budget and save you some amazing tax deductions. If you have an existing 401K and you need options to allow for more savings above your current limit I have a program for you. If you’re a business-owner with 10 or less employees I have a program for you. The tax saving can be substantial for you this year and years to come.  Are you looking at a better way to save for retirement, but not sure what will work to your advantage? Let me discuss your position and what programs will yield the best results for your financial goals.


How can I retire faster? At Pickett Insurance & Financial Services, I have several programs to assist you in obtaining these objectives. As this is your retirement it demands we review where you at now and what we need to do to get you to your desired objective. Let me do a comprehensive review and we can formulate a plan and program that will address your concerns and position you for your retirement date. These  programs are designed for long term accumulation and are designed so that you cannot lose your money or your interest gained in the program. Please contact me to discuss these programs in detail and how they can work for you! If you’re interested? Please contact me today to set a time for us to me for an appointment! Pete Pickett at Pickett Insurance & Financial Services at 480-302-5313.

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