The Banking Concept

The Banking Concept

Your Family Bank® enables individuals, families and businesses to create a personalized financing program to capture some of the interest and taxes. Operates similarly to the bank down the street, the difference is you own the bank!

Working together with Your Family Bank® Agent you will find ways to fund Your Family Bank® without spending more than you currently are. Our system helps both individuals and businesses redirect money normally lost to debt, interest and taxes back in to their circle of wealth while at the same time ensures your dollar gains a positive rate of return every day.

Your Family Bank® teaches the individual how to have freedom from the traditional method of financing, which means you will no longer be dependent on banking institutions or finance providers for funds. By becoming your own bank, you are able to keep the loan interest as well as the principal–you take back control over the loan stipulations and, ultimately, you transform your debts into assets.

Most people are in agreement that they would like to have their very own bank but very few are prepared and capable to undergo the difficult, extensive and costly procedure for creating their particular federally chartered physical bank. This is where Your Family Bank® can help. Where can you find a vehicle that minimizes the cost of wealth transactions by allowing you free accessibility and use of your hard earned money without worrying about the burdens associated with taxes, fees, penalties, or market risk?

Where can you find a vehicle that allows your hard earned money to grow tax free (not tax deferred), Allows you to create an Emergency Fund, offers guaranteed rates of return,  Provides Supplemental Tax free Income, tax free dividends, asset protection….Putting YOU in the Driver’s Seat…You Controlling Your Money!

Famous users of this program. All used the Banking Concept!

Walt Disney of Disneyland
Roy Kroc
Roy Kroc of McDonalds
JC Penny
JC Penny of JC Penny retail stores
Doris Christopher
Doris Christopher of “The Pampered Chef”
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