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CPA Training and Seminars for CE Credit

This section is especially  for you hard working CPA’s. Are you tired of hearing the phrase at tax preparation time, “Are there any more deductions I can take?” I have several options for you to answer your client, “Yes there are!” At Pickett Insurance & Financial Services, I have multiple  solutions that will make you and your clients very happy.  I will be setting up  two  separate CPA Training Seminars in 2020. CPA’s attending will be able to obtain CE credits for free. Contained in my Seminars you will find several valuable methods to save your clients (Business-owners)  substantial tax deductions. This deduction  will be in effect on  their Tax Returns this year  as well as  the subsequent years to follow. Additionally this will provide your business with additional billable hours to each year. These programs will work for Sole Proprietors, LLC’s S-Corp and C-Corps as well. Please contact me for a seat in my next seminar. And for other tips on  programs that your client will get excited about call me for an appointment today! 

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