Why is it Smart to keep an accurate Home Inventory of my Personal Property?

It is wise to create and keep a current Video, Pictures, or spreadsheet of your personal belongings. Why? It comes down to remembering what you have in your home should you have a disaster like a Fire, Flood, or Theft. A simple Video taken of your home’s belongings can help you remember what you lost in a disaster or what was destroyed or stolen. Even though your Home Insurance policy includes multiple coverages, having a Video can assist you in obtaining the most out of your Home Insurance coverages. It is common knowledge rebuilding your Home can be accomplished most often in a timely manner, but replacing your personal property (Contents) can be an ominous task for a homeowner who has just lost everything due to a disaster or theft. With the use of a cell phone video you can quickly create a running inventory of the contents of your home. Things like your clothes, shoe, suits, slacks, dresses, socks, etc. These things are easy to forget. Do you know everything in your hall closet? Most do not! It takes just a few moments to make a video recording of your belongings. Do it every year. Start in the same place like the Kitchen film the contents in each drawer and each cupboard systematically until you have filmed the complete room. Don’t forget furniture, pictures, and decorations around the room. Move systematically around the home, including the Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Den, Bathroom, Bedrooms, Closets and pay attention to the garage and tools equipment and other belonging stored there. Other places that are due filming might be the outside Storage Shed and backyard equipment. Once you have made your comprehensive video make a copy flash drive, thumb drive, or store it on your cloud storage. Remember to store it in a safe place where you can easily get to it should it be needed. This will no doubt save you time and money and allow you to get compensated for the loss of your property. If you have any questions please call me Pete at Pickett Insurance & Financial Services, 480-302-5313 Thank You!

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