happy 4th of July

13 Tips for a Fantastic 4th of July Weekend

Here are some suggestions for a Fantastic 4th of July weekend. At Pickett Insurance & Financial Services,we want you to be Safe and Enjoy your weekend. So before traveling the roads this weekend please check a few suggestions to checkout.  Here are a few general safety tips for those of you driving to your destination this weekend.

  1. Check your vehicle’s fluids, water, oil levels.
  2. Check your tire tread and tire pressure.
  3. Check your belts and hoses.
  4. Bring a cooler with cold water and food or snack should you get delayed in traffic.
  5. Make sure you have your Insurance Information handy, just in case of an accident or breakdown.
  6. Try to leave early for your trip and plan on returning just a bit early to beat the crowds and the traffic.
  7. Traffic will be heavy at peak times, prepare.
  8. Check your wiper fluid levels and wiper blades, It looks to be a stormy weekend. You may need them.
  9. Remember what to in Arizona Dust Storms! Pull off the road as far as is safe and possible. Turn your lights off and don’t tap your brakes. Other people may follow you.
  10. Remember to stay out of dry washes, Flash Flood happen often this time of year.
  11. If a wash is running do not attempt to cross it. It may be stronger and deeper than you think. That could cost you your car, or risk you and your family’s life. If you’re in a bad situation call or wait for help. Be Safe! 
  12. Make sure your cell phones are charged up. 
  13. If outside don’t forget the shade screen, hats, towels, umbrellas, and cool clothing, that sun can get really hot.

There are other Hints/Suggestions. These are just a few. Be prepared, Be Safe, and have an Awesome Weekend Celebrating our Countries Independence Day.

Blessings, from Pickett Insurance & Financial Services, Serving Arizona 2 decades.

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